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Attendance Now is a church attendance app that makes tracking attendance easy.  Try out our automated visitor follow up, emails, and texts.

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The mobile-friendly interface allows easy access from a phone, tablet or computer. We also focus on people management such as guest check-in, automated guest follow up, easy to use HTML email builder, text messeging, member directory, custom reports, and custom data tracking. Try a free trial today, no credit card required.



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The mobile-friendly interface allows easy access from a phone, tablet or computer. We also focus on people management such as guest check-in, guest follow up (email builder/templates), member directory, custom reports, and custom data tracking. Try a free trial today, no credit card required.

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Our system is kept on some of the most trusted servers online. With optimized code and great servers you get super performance

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With 99.9% uptime your services will, virtually, be always available online no matter the time of your event.

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Analytics is what drives our organizations and companies. With instant analytics you won't be left behind.

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We understand that your needs are different from the next person's. That is why we have extreme flexibility for you to customize for your needs.

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Our User Interface is coming along and becoming a work of art. Why not enjoy a system that works great and looks beautiful!

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We pride ourselves on offering an extreme level of customer experience. We want you to be happy with every facet of your experience.

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From Our Users

We have users that are happy with the interface, take their word…

Attendance Now has revolutionized our attendance tracking. It has simplified taking attendance. No longer is it a manual process, but it’s a simple, intuitive app that allows you to check off whole families at a time or individuals. Mistakes are easily rectified with a simple tap.

Anthony Starr

Connections Director, AFC

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I literally can begin taking attendance when I walk onto the church campus. I can update it from my phone throughout the day. By the time church starts, I’m only having to add the folks that come in after service begins. That means I can participate in the service fully without having to be shuffling around a spreadsheet.

The reports are amazing. They are generated automatically and can be sent directly to the pastor, the admin, or both.

You also get information tiles right in the app. You can see things like attendance records, attendance trends, monthly stats, yearly stats, etc.

There are many more features in this app. It really is an information rich, feature packed attendance app.

Eric is super easy to work with. If you want something, he makes it happen. He has a passion for this app and is constantly updating and improving it.

I highly recommend this app.

I have been using the Attendance App for about 4 years. I like it because it’s not complicated. It is easy to use for any skill level. I can change the status of a visitor or a member easily. I can add new visitors or members quickly. There is an attendee option. I like to use that option when someone is in between visitor and member status. It helps me to be able to keep everything in order and current. The reports are easy to read also and keep track of data short and long term.  

Palmyra Taylor

I started using the app a few years ago. It has been improved a lot since its inception. Our old way was an Excel spreadsheet. We would mark down people as they entered the church on a piece of paper which later would be inputted into Excel. We then sent the report to the Pastor. It would take one to two days to get the actual attendance.

Keith Taylor

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The app has improved our ability to provide the Pastor, board members, and anybody else with real-time attendance numbers. Now that the Pastor knows he can get real-time attendance, he’ll text me during service sometimes asking what the attendance is.

There are four areas where the app has helped us:

  1. Multiple Users taking attendance. I can be taking attendance from the sound room and my wife is taking attendance at the front door while she is greeting. This feature is a plus because multiple people can be taking attendance at the same time without overriding each other. I’m not user how it works, but it does.
  2. Automated Reports.  I’ll get an email at the end of the day about the attendance for that day. That email also shows a lot of detail regarding member’s attendance percentages as well as guests that day. This is a great tool for our Pastor to track member’s attendance as well as Sunday school teachers wanting to know who has been missing church.
  3. Directory.  The app has a directory feature that is extremely useful. I can get address, phone, and email at the touch of my fingertips – that is if you have a smart phone. I have used this feature many times and I wonder how I did it before! 
  4. Search feature.  There is a search box where you can put in either first or last name to search for a person. There are many times where I could remember the first name of a person and wanted to know their last name. I use this every service. It is a fantastic feature.

In conclusion, I have to say that the AttendanceNow app has taken the work out of taking attendance. Yes there is that initial data input and training. But after that, you’ll be glad you did. We have several people trained on how to take attendance so the first-responder attendance takers can go on vacation and not worry that it will get done.

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