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We have some extremely affordable packages. We want to ensure that you are able to get quality for your church at an affordable cost.




This app is founded upon the need of tracking attendance for your church in an efficient and productive way.

Email Builder

With our easy to use email builder you can design professional html emails. Send newsletters, remind members of events, or automatically send email templates to your guests when they check-in. There are so many different options to choose from.


Better than just reports, we actually have analytic features that are integrated into the admin dashboard. As soon as you log in, you can see some of the important numbers that you need to see.


Maybe you have small groups, Sunday School Classes or something completely different. We have built the ability for you to track these in a more informative way. 

Custom Fields

Ever wanted to track who wore a tie to service? Well, maybe you haven’t but there is something unique you wanted to track. We allow for custom fields that allow you to track anything you need to on a personal or group level.


Do you think printed church directories are a thing of the past? Nothing worse than dialing the wrong number – even though, according to the directory, it is right. What about, as an admin, trying to keep notes for individual members? Let us introduce our Directory feature which allows members to view the directory and admins to add notes for each member. 

Text Messaging

Manage text in subscriptions, send mass text messages, create and schedule personalized texts, and follow up with guests. This is just a few ways you can use our built-in text messaging system.

Guest Follow Up

Need an easy way to check in guests to service and follow up with them afterward? This feature allows for an easy way to gather guest information and follow up afterward with a custom-built email template just for them.

Customized Data Tracking

Sometimes you may have a better imagination that we do, because of that we allow for Customized Data Tracking. This allows for a completely custom way of you tracking whatever Number, Decimal, or Currency that you want to track. We though it was amazing too!


This insanely important feature allows for you to create roles for different users that allows them their unique and potentially limited abilities in the app. This helps you to have lots of people helping on the tracking side of things. 



What good would tracking attendance be without some in-depth reports? We understand this need and have developed dynamic reporting features that will help you make good, analytic based decisions.


Maybe you have a new convert’s course or, better yet, a series of them. Now imagine you have this one student that keeps taking the same class over and over. We have a solution. Our Class Tracker feature will allow for you to assign students to classes and then track their progress. You will then know who has completed what and what they still need to do. 

Track Growth

The mobile-friendly interface allows easy access from a phone, tablet or computer. We also focus on people management such as guest check-in, guest follow up (email builder/templates), member directory, custom reports, and custom data tracking. Try a free trial today, no credit card required.

Super Performance

Our system is kept on some of the most trusted servers online. With optimized code and great servers you get super performance

24/7 Uptime

With 99.9% uptime your services will, virtually, be always available online no matter the time of your event.

Realtime Stats

Analytics is what drives our organizations and companies. With instant analytics you won't be left behind.

Flexible to Use

We understand that your needs are different from the next person's. That is why we have extreme flexibility for you to customize for your needs.

Modern UI

Our User Interface is coming along and becoming a work of art. Why not enjoy a system that works great and looks beautiful!

Best Experience

We pride ourselves on offering an extreme level of customer experience. We want you to be happy with every facet of your experience.

Mobile App

Our web app is built to work on any device anywhere. Of course, the internet makes it run smoothly. This means that whether you are IOS, Android, Windows or any other operating system that uses the internet you can track attendance.
That simple!

The Basics


Quick View Dashboard

See all the stats that you want to see right away.


Some stats more important than others? See the stats you want first!

Run Reports

Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly run the reports you want!

On the Go

use any device that is connected to the internet.



Do I need to schedule a demo?

Only if you want too! The demo is designed for us to understand your organization and make sure you have all the tools you need to successfully use the app. Try our app right now with our free trial offer.

How many admins can we have?

The amount of admins are determined by the plan that you choose.

How do we get a custom module?

If you are under the proper plan then you have the opportunity to have custom modules created for you. Reach out to us and we will lay out a plan.

What is unique about your system?

Our system is more affordable with a high level of customer service. We create what our clients need rather than forcing them into options we think they need.

How many members can we have?

The amount of admins are determined by the plan that you choose. If you find that you need more members than is allowed then we do have custom options available which will help remedy this. Just reach out to us!

What is the Directory?

The Directory is exactly as it sounds. It stores as much info about each of your members that you put in. With custom fields available this can be pretty much anything.

Can the Directory be seen from the "front-end"?

Yes! You can send the directory to the members for your church via a link. It works great!

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