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So, I saw my mom needed help…

I saw my mom always sitting in the back of the church checking boxes of who was at church. Having to create reports through excel which required hours of data entry. All this was done for something simple, keeping church Attendance. I knew there had to be a better way.

Thankfully, my life would take me to being a programmer. A position where, though years later, I could do something about this. A few years ago, I began to pursue building a successful attendance application that would help provide a solution for organizations that didn’t have the money to spend on the big guys but didn’t have the manpower to do everything manually. Attendance Now is the solution and I hope that you, like my mom, can find it useful.

Eric Taylor, Founder

Tracking people – the right way since


Tracking people – the right way since


The Dreamers…

Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor

Founder, Developer

Eric is computer programmer and all around big ideas developer, he says anything can be possible.  Eric has 15+ years of experience in the industry and is a computer geek at heart, evidenced in part by his incredible passion for data.  Eric enjoys real estate, ice cream and technology.   Eric’s true pride of life is his beautiful wife and two wonderful boys. 

Jonathan Starr

Jonathan Starr


Jonathan has been involved in church communications, some administrative functions and marketing in general for several years. When he had the opportunity to help Attendance Now with their marketing, he jumped. This involved two of his passions: church and marketing.

Track Growth
Attendance Now is designed to help you keep track of attendance no matter the organization or industry. With custom features specific for you, you won’t be disappointed!

Super Performance

Our system is kept on some of the most trusted servers online. With optimized code and great servers you get super performance

24/7 Uptime

With 99.9% uptime your services will, virtually, be always available online no matter the time of your event.

Realtime Stats

Analytics is what drives our organizations and companies. With instant analytics you won’t be left behind.

Flexible to Use

We understand that your needs are different from the next person’s. That is why we have extreme flexibility for you to customize for your needs.

Modern UI

Our User Interface is coming along and becoming a work of art. Why not enjoy a system that works great and looks beautiful!

Best Experience

We pride ourselves on offering an extreme level of customer experience. We want you to be happy with every facet of your experience.

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