Text Messaging

You requested, we have answered! Text messaging is rolling out to our app shortly. Reach out now to enroll in our beta program.

Text Message Features

Text to Subscribe

Have your members and guests text a “Word” to your number and they will automatically be added to your subscription list.

Text Templates

Create personal text templates that can be leveraged to communicate with your subscription lists.

Conversations in the App

Easily see peoples responses to your text messages and have conversation right from the app. We will alert you when they send you a message.

Text Message Scheduling

Send a text to your subscription lists now or schedule it for later. You also have the ability to create recuring text message blasts.

Guest Follow Up

Need an easy way to follow up with your guests. Create auto text messages that will send to your guest X number of days after they visit. This works really well with our automatica emails and reminders.

Track Message Usage

Easily see how many text messages you have sent and who they were sent to on a monthly basis. 

Beta FAQ


How do I enroll in the beta?

All you need to do is reach out via our contact form and we will put you on the list. We are looking for churches in the 50-150 congergation size. 


Is the beta free

The beta is free for the first 1000 messages every month. If you go over that there will be a small charge. 



You would be required to participate in bi weekly feedback requests. You would also need to follow our strict non spam policy. If there was a technical issue we would like to work through that with you. 


What is expected from beta users?

We want to get your feed back and work through any technical bugs that might arise. We will use this feedback to enhance our users experience before going live.


How long is the beta?

This all depends on how things go. We expect it to last 1-2 month. After the 2 months are up you have the choice to purchase our text message plans according to your needs.

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