Guest Follow-Up

You requested, we have answered! Automated Guest follow up is here. Automatically send texts or emails to your guests. You can also set up scheduled reminders for your guest follow up team.

Guest Follow-Up Features

Guest Journey

Set up your personalized guest journey when they check in to your service. You can send them custom emails or text messages on whatever schedule you perfer.


Text Messages

Create personal text message templates that can be leveraged to communicate with your guests. They will automatically be sent according to your preferred schedule. 


Conversations in the App

Easily see peoples responses to your text messages and have conversation right from the app. We will alert you when they send you a message.

Guest Check In

Set up a kiosk and check your guests into your service. The information you collect is all configurable to your needs.


Create personal html email templates that can be leveraged to communicate with your guests. You can also  automatically schedule your emails according to your preferred time. 


Alert Reminders

Have a guest follow-up team? Need Reminders? You can set up reminders in your guest journey that will remind your team of custom action items. 

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